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All about Real Estate 

What you will find here are links to different areas of Real Estate. Some for Investors, to Real Estate Magazines, Design Portals, International Real Estate, Leading Real Estate Companies of the World, and so much more.



A non-profit association serving B.C.'s strata owners since 1976. Tony Gioventu, CHOA's executive director writes Condo Smarts answering  all your Condo questions and can be found right here on Condo Price Watch's website. 


Condos.ca is a Toronto based web site that is very detailed and has a complete view of the Toronto Condo Market place. You can follow what is happening in this market in terms of "What's new in design" or "How high are Maintenance Fees" (Strata fees to us in B.C.) going? What do you get for your money here?

Condo Clear Services Inc.

Condo Clear Services is one service an astute Condominium Buyer, Seller, Investor or Realtor, should consult in the course of their Condominium journey

A new way to design your home - or condo, or Town Home, Cottage, Chalet, or what have you.. A word of warning however, if you do click on this link be prepared to be there for a while.. You will see what I mean when you do. 







Canada's Condominium Magazine is based in Toronto. Condo.ca is all about living and lifestyle. Thousands of subscribers and readers rely on Condo.ca's in-depth coverage of the condominium scene and urban living each week. Condo.ca is committed to following and discussing trends: urban lifestyle, design and neighbourhoods, with a special focus on inspiration.